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When I first started out, it was with a Canon AE-1, a film camera (I still have it).  My second point and shoot was a Nikon and from there I haven't looked back.  When I aquired my uncle's Nikon F5 film camera, it came with some doozy lenses.  It was natural, then, to go Nikon when I went digital in 2005 with a D70.  From there we have just gone up and are currently using THREE Nikon D300.   We have an assortment of lenses from a 70-200 down to a 50 prime.


Because we take 1,400 photos a week (with one camera) and 4,752 photos in two weeks (with five cameras) we have a lot of photos.  Then what?  We turn them into cards, calendars, prints, stock, and more.


Pacific Coast Calendar
Cook Islands 2014 Calendar

Prints and Cards

Etsy Shop
Red Bubble
Fine Art America

Computer/Software/Organizing/Backup/Thumb drives


Travel/Web Companies

Great for packages that include air, cruise and pre-cruise hotel.

All around great booking company.  They set up our entire trip to the Cook Islands

Most times the total package price of a trip is less than you can purchase JUST airfare.


*Disclosure:  Some of the links above are affiliate links.  I use all of the products, services and links listed above so I highly recommend them to you.  Should you purchase any of these items, I will earn a small percentage of the sale.  I only recommend items to you that I use personally.

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