Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It Aint Fake

My grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave at that grammar, but, hey... (hey what I don't know, just 'hey').

Anywho. Rounding back to the fake part. I take pictures. I take pictures of pretty things - both people and places. I transfer pictures from the camera to the computer. I post pictures on Facebook, blogs, stock companies, discs, thumb drives, wall art, etc.

Bing! That's it.

Notice I didn't say PhotoShop in there anywhere.

Our pictures are not faked (okay "faked" is a hard word, but I'm a little cranky about being tricked sometimes - think Cosmo magazine). What you see is what my camera saw. If the sunset was pink and orange, it was pink and orange in real life. If the water was that color blue, it was that color blue. If there is a dude in the background, he was left there (the photo where he was scratching himself, that photo will never see the light of day). If it was raining when I took that photo of Mount Rainier, you are not going to see a sunny sky background popped in.

"You can just PhotoShop that out," I hear all the time.

No, I can't. Honestly, confession of all confessions, I don't own PhotoShop.

Not that I don't have post processing software - I do, but just not PhotoShop. Most of them I use so rarely I have to youtube the instructions because I forgot how to find that little "wand" thingy.

Those pictures need to come out of the camera rarin' to go.

I do make the occasional adjustment. I do use brighten and contrast tool (called "auto"). I almost always (have too) use the straighten tool (I'm not sure why I can't get the horizon to stop being so blooming crooked). And I do use the clone tool to get rid of blemishes. I've tried to clone people out - I stink at it and it looks fake!

Maybe someday I will take to the whole PhotoShop idea, but for right now, I have to make sure that it is going to come out of that camera without much post processing. I take my time prior to the shot because I know I don't want to make it sitting at a computer.

So if you see one of our photos, that is the actual reality of the photo.