Thursday, August 21, 2014

Road Trip - Glacier Peak National Park - Getting Out The Door

Since our last road trip in the Summer of 2013 went so well (read about that adventure lovely trip here), we thought we'd subject ourselves do it again.

This summer was a bit odd in that we didn't have SUMMER until July 28th.  Not summer, like summer weather.  No, we had that.  More so than us rusty Washingtonians are used too.  What I mean is we had to be around every Monday and Tuesday because of drivers ed.  You miss more than three of those suckers and you start over.  I was not about to to do that.

The final test was July 28th at 8 am.  It was scheduled to be over at 9:00.  We figured we would get the car packed and head out to pick our daughter up at 9:00 and we'd go from there.

Until she called us at 8:06 to say she was finished with her test.  Um, what?  A six minute test.  To pass drivers ed?  Well.  Not sure what to say about that.

Regardless, turned the car around after not even taking the keys out of the ignition and drove the six minutes back to get her.

We locked the front door at 9:15 and headed down the driveway.

Onward to Montana.

Well, Sandpoint, Idaho first.

The fifteen year old took the first driving shift.  I was fully prepared with a total lack of sleep the previous night, an ipod shuffle and the backseat.  I closed my eyes and faded out.  Tylenol PM might have helped some, but I did okay (unlike the last trip).  That disaster can be read about here:  Teenage Driving.

As usual, it takes far (far, far, far) longer than google maps or mapquest says it does to get to any of our destinations.  This was no different.  Not because the teenager was driving (hardly), but because we stop EVERYWHERE.

We knew Highway 2 was closed at Coles Corner near Leavenworth for a fire.  This led to a little used back road.  A really windy, curvy, ledgy, backroad.  That the teenager was driving.  35 mph does not mean 35 mph around a hairpin turn, dear.  

The actual map of this little back road that the kid terrorized
us with.

We hit a lakeside park (that happened to have a potty - hmmm, wonder who figured that one out, yeah, me, Miss Little Bladder.

Because EVERYBODY needs a photo like this.

Seeing as how we are in Eastern Washington, it is HOT.
Time to cool off (well, except the metal was hot).

The kid in my teenager (and the total lack of fear) had her catching the wildlife.

She saw something move


He's a wee bit cranky.

See, not kidding about the HOT!  And the fan speed of the A/C!

Onward and upward - er, eastward.

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