Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge

Just off Highway Two, between the towns of Troy and Libby Montana, at milepost 21, is a pull off where you will see a LOT of cars/campers/trucks/trailers.  This is because it is the parking lot of Kootenai Swinging Bridge and Falls.

This was an intended destination, and the reason we took Highway 2 instead of the faster Interstate 90.

We didn't know it was going to be almost 100 degrees, either.

There is a lot of information out there on the bridge and the falls and the history.  You can read about those on the Libby Montana attraction website.  This is about the fact that it is WORK to get there!

Maybe it was the fact that it was 100 degrees outside and I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before.

No, it was because it was 100 degrees out.

It was also almost a mile from the parking lot to the bridge.

Yes, we only went to the bridge.  When we scooted back to the Y where you could go to the falls, I'd had it.  Another reason to come back, I say.  With the temps in the low 60's.

Yes, welcome!

Their idea of moderate is different than mine...
This is what you are hiking on.  In 100 degree heat.

The bridge itself is a piece of cake.  It has a wood base and the railings are chain link.  Here's my thought on all this stuff being scary:  They aren't going to want you to die.  That would mean media.  Bad press.  Lawsuit.  Places like this don't want that so they are going to make it as safe as possible to stay out of the news.

Just a little loose board...  It was actually very safe.

Bottom line:  Stop and see the falls and the bridge.  It is a great view.  Just know that you are going to be hiking!

Read about the first part of our adventure here:  Road Trip - Getting Out the Door.

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