Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Football....FINALLY!!! And A Survival Tactic

Tomorrow night, August 7th, 2014, 6:00 pm Pacific Standard time the dry spell ends.

Football season is finally back in town.
Yeah, it's a photo of a Sounders soccer game at CenturyLink Field,
but work with me here.

To get where this is coming from:

1)  I'm from Seattle.  Hello, we won the Super Bowl.  'Nuff said.  Well, except for neener neener neener to the Denver Broncos who lost 43-8 and San Fransisco (SF just because).

2)  Football season is when I get a TON of stuff done around the house.  Everything from more writing than any other time of year to the most spotless house you can imagine to the best food we've had since the last Super Bowl Party.

Here's where this starts:  I have to have a diversion to be productive.  I have to be "supposed to be doing something else" to get anything done.  Football season on the flatscreen TV seems to fill that void.

College, pro, high school (well, high school has to be in person, at the stadium) I'll take it.  It means stuff will get done!

To be fair the World Cup did some of it for me.  The USA-Germany game got my house toothbrush and Q-tip cleaned just anxiously waiting for that 1:00 start time.  I got three blogs written during the Germany Brazil 7-1 slaughter.  It was great and I regret that I don't have that distraction but every four years.  

But football season; the games come fast and furious.  College all day Saturday, Pro on Sunday, Monday night and Thursday night.

Feed the beast.

Something must be said here, though, because this makes it sounds like I sit around ALL FRICKING weekend/some most weekdays and just have a remote in my hand.  Umm, nope, my husband would get highly irritated.  Not because nothing is getting done, but I tend to go deep end compulsive.  We are both all for vegging in front of the "stupid box" but not for hugely extended periods of time.

Naturally I came up with a way to play both sides of the fence.  I came up with a list of things to do during a game that makes it "look" like I'm getting something done.  I figured out a way to keep peace in the house.  And if you are not into football but your significant other is, and you want to pretend interest and still get something done.  Here's a list of things that can be done while watching a football game at home:

1.  Laundry - folding it or getting it started during a time out/injury/replay/replay/replay.

2.  Write actual thank you notes for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.  Or send out an actual card to someone rather than a birthday e-card.

3.  Transfer all images from every electronic you own - cell phones, ipads, Kindle, ummmm, the camera, etc - onto a laptop or desk top.  Then do something with them!

4.  Make cookies/dinner. The way to most people's heart/football-obsession-forgiveness is through the stomach.

5.  Clean the junk drawer.  Maybe this one is just me, but the TV is right above the junk drawer and it's just a natural occurrence.  That and the fact that we have THREE junk drawers in our kitchen ?????

6.  Change the sheets on all the beds in the house.  Goes back to #1 Do laundry.

7.  Organize the inbox/file drawer.  Pay a few bills.  Toss a few things.  Cleansing all around.

8.  Anything computer.  Seriously.  Run a virus scan.  Delete old emails.  Delete old word documents.  Clean the joint up.  Your computer will thank you.  I also do a lot of writing during football games.  Blogs, reviews, books.  Photo editing from all those photos you dumped from your electronic cache.  Start a scrapbook project.  Like photos from 2007 (Oh, shush up).  I've also been known to create ebay/craigslist ads during the game.  Sold a kitchen table set from and ad written during the Seattle/San Fransisco game.

This being said, there are a couple things you should NEVER do during a game (unless pissing off the next of kin is on your heart):

1.  Vacuum.  'nuf said.
2.  Dust.  Yeah, it's quiet.  Til you knock over three photo frames on the entertainment center.
3.  Bathe the dog.  Or the cat...
4.  Call your mom/make dr appointments/Dish Network/Verizon from the same room as the game.

So let the season begin.  Bring on the chips and beer (yesss, dinner) and let's get this party started.

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