Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adding On - The Butt of the Family Joke

I've always been a forward thinker; always looked ahead for the next big thing (sometimes to the detriment of the thing I'm in right then).  I'm also not usually satisfied and want more (again, much to the detriment of the here-right-now).  So when we decided to add another bathroom to our house, we went ahead and got it started.

Only here's how THAT went.

"We need another bathroom," I said (we have one - read that one, with a kid)
"Then I want a master bedroom upstairs," my husband declared.  Granted, we have a 1000 square foot one story house.  Just where was this upstairs?
Not skipping a beat: "Then I want a new kitchen under that master bedroom," I remarked, arms crossed in front of my chest.
Nod.  Nod.  Game on.

We now have a 1,200 square foot bathroom addition.

The view from the existing dining room into the "addition"
(boarded up and insulated and I don't have to see it).

Just kidding.  I managed to basically fit a whole new house next to ours with a kitchen, family room, half bath downstairs, two bedroom and two more bathrooms upstairs.

Great, the design was laid out, concrete was poured, walls were 2x6'd, windows installed (23 - what he hell was I thinking?), doors with locks (again, 5 doors, really?) and the siding was up.  I painted.  Then we ran out of money.

Did I mention we were paying cash for this?

Note how there is no mention of the pretty stuff: drywall, carpet, tile, toilets, wiring, plumbing, lights?  Nope, just the exterior shell was finished.  Wholly finished - looks like we can move right in from the outside.  2x4 studs are in place of the drywall right now.  We are just now working on the electrical and plumbing.

Now for the punchline (because it's the part that makes us the joke of the family).

The shell was finished in 2004.

You do the math yet?  If not, I'll make it easy.  It's 2014 right now.  That's a 10 year difference.

See, joke of the family.

The addition done yet?

Hows that addition going?

What color carpet did you put in?

Hardy, har, har.

I mean to finish it.  I really do (damn, I could use that other bathroom with a teenager in the house. and my current kitchen sucks the big one).

But things keep getting in the way.  In 2007, I had the money to get the drywall and tiling.  Then I found out Michael W. Smith was going to do a cruise to Alaska.  Out of Seattle, our hometown (so no airfare).  We spent my drywall money on the cruise.

He (Michael) did another cruise the following year to the Caribbean.  Spent our faucet and lighting money on that one.

Hunkered down the next year and were set to finish the damn addition the next summer (I did mention we are doing most of it ourselves, right?).  Hubby blew out his knee and had to have emergency surgery June 30th.  Summer = gone.

Bottom line, we have spent the kitchen money on the Cook Islands, the carpet money on Hawaii,  I-don't-think-we-delegated-whatever money to another trip to Alaska, and the addition is STILL NOT FINISHED.

I could feel really, really bad that it's not move-in ready, but I don't.  The family can laugh all they want.  The fact that we have an unfinished building next to our house doesn't matter all that much to me because I know we've given our kid (and ourselves) incredible experiences.  Our teenager has more passport stamps then most kids have detention slips.  She can travel the world confidently, adapt to new surroundings, meet new people, take in different cultures and be more accepting of those around her because she's seen first hand what most people only seen on TV.

Just not in a bathroom she doesn't have to share.

As I sit here one week from summer break, I am prepared to buckle down and get this albatross finished.  I have my to-do list in hand:  figure out radiant heating, purchase garbage disposal, design bathtub tile pattern and continue the argument between honeycomb light blocking blinds and roller shades with hubby.

I've already found a two week cruise to Norway that leaves July 19.


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