Friday, January 24, 2014

Pinterest Pins Made Easy

Pinterest is a great way to see something you like, but aren't ready for it now, and save it for later.

For example we are doing some remodeling to our house.  I know I am going to need lights in my daughter's bathroom, but I don't know what I want yet.  The problem is, the lights need to be wired NOW.  So, two on the side, one on the top, what?  Pinterest to the rescue.  I can see images of what I like, get it wired, then, when I'm ready to order the light (because who has an extra 1000 square feet for storing for this stuff?), I'll know what I had in mind.  (Ever had three bathrooms all being gutted and then having to go back and wonder what you're thoughts were at the time?  Not easy.)

Another great purpose:  Recipes.  I always have certain ingredients and no clue what to make.  Ground beef, peppers and tomato sauce.  Keyword those and I've got 100 recipes.  And now I'm hungry.

Need motivation?  There's a pin for that.  I am always looking at the next big thing (it's not a gift - I often wish I could be content where I am, but I'm not wired that way).  Where in the world are we going to go this time? (literally).  If I make a board of tropical islands, that is going to motivate me to get off the computer and make money to get there.

On the flip side, Pinterest can suck up a lot of time.  A.L.O.T. of time.  I've had to set the timer to make sure I only have a partial allowance rather than an open afternoon (because then it's dinnertime and the fam is clamoring for something to eat - hence the rush for a recipe most evenings).  

We've made it easy to pin to pinterest.  If you hover over every image, you will see the "circle P".  Simply click on the image and you've saved it to your board.  Easy, peasy, dream away.

See the "Circle P"?  That means one click and that image is pinned on your board.

We are always finding new stuff so pop on over to our Pinterest and have a look around:

Yup, piecesofthejour because there wasn't enough space for piecesofthejourney.  Go figure.  I probably could have looked up character numbers when I came up with the name, but I was too busy on Pinterest.

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