Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photos Courtesy of the Kid

As a professional photographer I spend a lot of time trying to get the "perfect" picture.  We sell a lot of stock photos so every image tends to be really thought out (read over-thought out).

Then you give your kid the camera.  

This is something we've done for years, despite the fact that the camera and lens costs more than her first car will.  Always having our noses buried behind the camera means that every once in a while we needed to give up control (aggghhh!) and trust.

It's never not worked out.

After leaving Seaside, Oregon we headed south to a location everyone talks about, but couldn't remember visiting.

Cannon Beach.

We drove through, parked the car (entirelyillegallyblockingadrivewayshhh) and cut through a path (hoping not to get yelled at).

This is what we saw.

Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

And this.

Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

We frolicked in the sand and looked around at the beach, tipping over logs and debris.  We watched a lifeguard truck go screaming past (really, no one was swimming??) Then, "Kira, let's take your picture."

*Deep sigh*
Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

"Let's have some fun with this."

She's thrilled, can ya tell?
Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

"Now, I want the camera, mom."

Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

"Move to your right a bit."  I think, she's really getting it this, good.  Look, I'm happier than in the first photo.

Photo courtesy © JC Imagery

Good times, thanks.

Bottom line, trust.  This didn't cost us anything and we kept the teenager involved.

The fact that we headed to Pig in A Pancake in Cannon Beach shortly after didn't hurt.  :-)

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