Friday, January 3, 2014

First Ever Road Trip with the Kid

We knew we were in trouble last year when our daughter asked us, "how long does it take to drive to Central Oregon?"

"About 11 hours," I responded.

Aghast, "What?  That's longer than I was on a plane with you guys!" (Now envision the stomping off that teenagers do remarkably well).

Me, blank stare.

Okaaay, I guess we've never gone on a road trip before.

It's true, while we have jetted all over the world and been on numerous cruises, in numerous countries, we had always flown.  Never had we gotten out a map (yes, we still have those) and mapquest and chartered our excursion.

Seriously the out-of-country-need-a-passport-and-translation-book trips were easier to plan.  I even posted that comment on facebook (getting nowhere with empathy, I might add).

Still, we figured stuff out, packed the Highlander and took off.

The teenager had her headphones on and tuned us out before we hit the end of the driveway (although in our defense, it is a really long driveway).

Gassed up, leaving at 11:00 am August 18th, our first destination was Seaside, Oregon.  249.26 miles; 5 hours 1 minute from our door to Inn at Seaside.   Piece of cake!

Until we started stopping EVERYWHERE for photos!

First stop, Jail.  Like usual...

 No way in hell was the teenager getting out of the car.

We hadn't even made it to Highway 101 and we were pushing 3:21 pm when this photo was taken.

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