Monday, December 2, 2013

New Year’s Resolution Jump Start

We all do it.  We all sit down at the kitchen table on January 1st and make the same list:

·       Lose 10 pounds
·       Eat healthier
·       Spend more time with the kids/family/dog
·       Save money
·       Exercise more (or just plain exercise)

By January 3rd the holiday bills have arrived, the leftovers have been stress-eaten and the kids haven’t gone back to school yet so running for the hills is becoming an option.  And we all feel worse for having made the damn list in the first place.

This year I’m doing things differently.  I’m making my list NOW – December 1st (and actually it’s November 30th so – go meee!).  That way when it all falls apart in three days I’ll know not to try them on January 1st.

I love new beginnings.  New Year, new month, heck I’ll even go to bed early to get started on a new day.  So on this new day of the new month, I’ll jump start these resolutions:

·     One photographic image per month on the blog
·       Back up the computer at least once a week
·       Clean up images (really, 20,000 pictures on the computer?  And it’s still counting!)
·       Write two guest blogs a week for the whole month (hey, this one counts!)
·       Set an editorial calendar (and STICK TO IT!)
·       Set at least one day a week aside and do NO work

I could keep going, but really, this is a trial run so we’ll keep it manageable.

What are your resolutions?

And, yes this is posted December 2nd.  It's a slow learning curve...  It was a holiday...  Hush your noise.  :) 

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