Friday, November 29, 2013

Getting Sucked In - The Power of Suggestion

I was watching TV when a commercial came on for the show based on cooking for a big family using foods raised on your farm.  I don't even remember the name of the show because I was too busy placing myself in their family.  I mean, living on a huge chunk of property surrounded by family and raising your own food.  I imagined my grandkids giving me hugs as I placed a full bodied freshly "harvested" (which means butchered) roasted-to-perfection whole chicken on the old saw plank table as the camera panned the fully fenced pasture with a bright red barn and black and white Holsteins munching on the grass.  Everyone was happy and smiling.

I wanted to be that family.  I was sucked into living the farm life dream.

Then another commercial came on and I bonked myself back to reality.

Because I already live on a farm.

Yes, true view from our deck - although the barn belongs to the neighbors - it looks better than ours.

With the red barn and pastures.

With the family surrounding me (literally, inlaws to the north of me and uncle to the east).

With the chickens in the back yard.

These are our chickens.  For egg laying purposes only.

(No grandkids, though.)

And none of my life is like that commercial!

(I will put a disclaimer here:  I am NOT complaining - I'm just explaining.  And that phrase would make a cool commercial tagline so message me for rights :)  ).

My chicken comes from Costco already cut up, boned, skinned, and placed in little one pound packages ready for cooking.

The red barn looks fantastic from three sides, but don't go around to the West side (sorry neighbors) because the front part is caving onto itself.  In order to fix it, we will have to shore it up with an interior brace, realign the exterior planks and then pop a few extra boards into the gap we will have created on the north side.

This one IS our barn.  Not a picturesque as the previous one.

The pasture surrounding the house needs to be mowed every three weeks in the summer to keep it down for a fire hazard prevention.  Yes, we could get a cow out there, or some other farm critter that eats grass, but that would mean ordering, having delivered, and installing about $3000 worth of fencing and gates.  Which doesn't sound like that big of a deal until I see an ad for the Fijian Islands which sounds better than pounding in fence posts.

Plus then I would need to get cows.  Then I would need to find someone to "cow sit" while I'm in Fiji (when then I couldn't afford because I will have gotten fencing).  Is "cow sit" a phrase?

It is now.

By the time I am done with the mowing, the fence installing, the barn shoring up, (oh, and the working at a school in order to afford this lifestyle) I am too damn tired to butcher harvest a chicken and cooked the thing whole for a nutritious dinner, complete with fresh corn and baby potatoes.

Yes, I love my farm life (most days) but it isn't exactly like the TV says.

Most things aren't.  Don't get sucked in.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

2014 Calenders

"Time flies when you're having fun..."

....Or when you start getting older (and by older I mean 19 and up/better/older).  After that a year is just gone in a blink of an eye.

The good news? (Please let's have some good news)  2014 Calendars are here!

New year, new images, new purpose.

Wait, what?

Last year our calendar proceeds went to send our daughter to the country's capital, Washington DC and New York.  

This year she is headed for Haiti.  

All proceeds will go toward getting her on this awesome trip working with kids and taking pictures.

So far (meaning there will be more added later) we have two 2014 calenders: