Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Paying for Vacation - 6 Tips To Finding The Money

Traveling is a huge luxury in our life.  The fact that we can up and jet across the Pacific Ocean at the drop of a hat seems like we have money burning a hole in our pocket.  

You'll have to wait until I stop laughing ...  Hang on, not yet...  I'm getting there...

Okay, I think I'm functional now.  

Let's start this off with one statement:  I work in education.  There.  That should put it to rest because anyone in education is not swimming in money.  My husband is self-employed.  And we're raising a teenager.  None of this adds up to this vision of an endless bank account.  

So, no, money is not burning a hole in our pocket.  We had to come up with some very creative ways to get to where we want to go.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

8 Things You Can Do With Your Vacation Photos

If you follow me around long enough, you will already know we travel with up to five cameras for three people (if this is news to you, check out All The Pretty Pictures or There Are No Words for an idea of what goes on in our lives).  This means thumb drives galore with photos.  4,156 to be exact from a recent trip to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.  But what in the tar can I do with all those pictures?

1.  Get them off your camera

Whether it is a DSLR or point and shoot or iPhone, the first job is to get them onto a laptop or computer.  This does a couple things.  First off, it is a backup.  If the iPhone gets lost or stolen, the images are gone.  If the DSLR gets left on an airplane, the images are gone.  Second off, you can do a whole lot more than swipe your finger across the screen occasionally to remember your trip.