Friday, September 13, 2013

Game On!

Word around the island was this rugby game between the rival Rarotonga Bears and Aitutaki Tigers.  Since we are great fans of rugby (meaning we've never seen a game in our lives), we hi-ho on over to the field to see this game.

We follow car after car after scooter containing kids, parents, lawn chairs, blankets... wait scooters carrying lawn chairs.  Unhugh, yup.  Couldn't get a photo of it, but we did see a lot of this...

We are still getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road and not wearing seat belts!

Not knowing what the tar we are doing, but knowing we are in the right spot judging by the gathering of the entire population of the island, we mosey on over to the palm tree side of the field.

Where the players are coming out of the palm trees pulling up their pants.  Oookkaaaayyyy.  No outhouses 'round these parts.  Got it.  We're learning.

We find a spot where there isn't anyone and chose to stand and watch the game.  (After all our lawn chairs didn't fit in carry-on).  A family comes next to us, not in our space, but next to us and unfolds a blanket, getting settled with their cooler, snacks and several kids on the blanket.  They then looked at us, patted the blanket and invited us to settle down with them.  We did.  What was I going to do, say no?  

We began taking pictures, my husband standing, me on the blanket.  

Is this a good thing?  Never did quite know.

We had no idea what the rules were but clapped when everyone else clapped and yelled when everyone else did.  I think we were rooting for Aitutaki.  I only know this because the little girls, who thought my camera was fascinating, kept pointing to their dad - out on the field.  So I would take a picture, zoom it up on the LCD screen on the back of the camera and they would find him and point him out.  

They had no interest in the game!

I still don't know the rules of the game.  Come to think of it, didn't matter.  We had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat.

More images can always be found on our website:  JC Imagery

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