Monday, September 30, 2013

All the Pretty Pictures

It is not uncommon for my family to travel with no less than five cameras.  Yes, that says five.

Did I mention that there are only three people in our family?  That math makes it 1.6 cameras per person (I teach math - oh, and I used a calculator).

This means on a recent trip to the South Pacific we took a total of 4,156 photos between us (and two cameras bit the dust during the trip, lowering what that number could have been).

That's okay, though, because, after spending a ton of money to get to our dream vacation location, we have something to remember that trip by.  Without those images, we would not have the image burned into our memories of the little gold Toyota Vitz that made it across the island of Aitutaki and that white-lined "road" (see the story THIS is a Road?).

Taking five cameras may sound like overkill.  But one of them swam away with the tide (ended up getting wrapped in a towel as we swam and subsequently left at the beach - it was waterproof but not that waterproof) and another just stopped working (could have had a little something to do with the fact it rested in a pool of saltwater in a kayak for a bit of a ride).  Mathmatically now we have three (I told you, I teach math - yes this will be part of a lesson).

Regardless, each person, with a different camera, takes a different photo.  For example, when we were invited to Highland Paradise on a private tour, we each took a camera and went our separate direction.

The image I took
The image my teenager got

My husband hiked the hill to get this shot
Everyone has a different perspective.  Trust your offspring and hand over the camera  every once in a while.  While this does take a small amount of trust, it will be worth it.

My daughter was bored during a dinner and got this shot.

After we ate at this little dinky roadside burger place, I quick ran out in the street to get a photo of it.  I didn't think anything of it except that I knew it was a record of our trip (we're not so good at writing stuff down).  The rest of the trip, the locals kept telling us "you gotta try Palace Takeout".  We kept telling them we missed that one, but would get it the next time we visited.

Apparently we did eat at Palace Takeaway because this was the image I took.

My teenage daughter hates having her picture taken.  So I give her a camera, she is occupied taking photos of stuff and I take a photo of her.  Click, she didn't even know.  Yes it is the back of her head, but we still have proof that she was on the trip.

So now what do you do with 4,156 images?  I'll go into several ideas in the next post.  In the meantime, get out your camera and start shooting.

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