Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's A Dog's Life

On Rarotonga, you probably want to be okay with dogs.

Like, really okay.  Meaning, these critters are everywhere.  They are friendly.  And they love to be in your business.  It is, after all, their island.

On this afternoon we arrived at Muri Beach.  It was touted as the place to snorkel and swim and just be in general.  So, we, being good tourists, followed the rules (Surprise #1) . We didn't have any snorkel gear (Surprise #2) so we were forced to just wander.  With cameras.

We photographed the beach.

We photographed the kids playing rugby in the water.

And we photographed the dogs.

What we didn't get a photograph of (Surprise #3) was the dog jumping onto the kayak of the unsuspecting couple as they kayaked off into the sunset (or, into the lagoon to put it less romantically).  Total, absolute SHOCK to have a dog on a canoe with you.  Especially when it's not your dog.  But it was the norm.

These dogs are friendly and spend hours in the water looking for SOMETHING.  I don't know what, but something.  For hours.  And hours.

  This is just 12 seconds of what they would do all day.

Heaven forbid you think you can read in peace.  At one point we had FIVE dogs 'laxing with us on the beach.  This one thought my daughter's beach bag made a good blanket until she removed him/her off it - and even then it stuck around!

On another day, at Fruits of Rarotonga, a dog chose to swim out to some kayakers.  They were clear out where the reef was and that dog was still swimming.  They did try to get it in the kayak, because by then it seemed so exhausted, but it was still going when we had to leave (we were searching for a missing camera, but that's a whole 'nuther story).

So open your arms to your new four legged friends.  If you want an island without dogs, go to Aitutaki - they aren't legal there.

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