Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chicks On The Beach

Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm on a roll with the animals of Cook Islands.  This one is about chick-ens.  And the fact that they are everywhere (and the dogs leave them alone - go figure).

A mamma and her babies were a very common sight.

You'd think with all these chickens wandering the island, fresh chicken would be on the every-other-day-its-not-fish menu.  Nope.  When we inquired about this, we were told "too skinny."  They bought frozen in the bag from New Zealand.  Okay then.

One night we heard a peeping sound and looked all over for it.  Finally we found it in a bush!  This, probably week old, chick had made it two feet off the ground to roost at night.  Then blew it's cover by peeping like crazy.


A side note as you look at these darling pictures:  Our daughter has been raised on a farm.  She knows how to catch almost any animal and has no qualm about grabbing snakes, lizards, roosters (see this story about catching the rooster on the Cross Island Trek: Rooster Catching ).  She did manage to catch quite a few chicks, but sometimes at the risk of a pissed off mamma hen (sorry, there was no delicate way of stating that).  So catch at your own risk.

Roosters are the most common complaint we read about while researching Cooks.  The fact that the Cook Island roosters seem to think 3:00 am is the time to wake up.  1:00 am is bedtime.  This was, for the most part true.  I guess if you live in the city or the suburbs where neighbors aren't allowed to keep roosters, this would bother you.  We, however, live on 55 acres and have one of these creatures ourselves (with neighbors far enough away that they don't complain) so this is a typical sound for us.  Frankly, I didn't even hear the thing outside our door.  Or on the back porch like the reviews on TripAdvisor said.

The rooster on the trail across the island.  Yes, Kira caught this one too.

Be aware that you can find these critters anywhere and they don't bother you at all.  It's hard to tell, but this was photographed in the ladies restroom at Punanga Market in Avarua, Rarotonga.

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