Friday, June 21, 2013

Now On To High School in the Cook Islands

Our third school in Rarotonga, Cook Islands was Titikaveka College. College, wait a minute, I though this was High School. Well sort of. High School is called College and College is called University in the South Pacific. Our daughter wanted to go to school in Rarotonga just so she could say she was in college.

Anyhow, this college is a school of 100 students, Year 7 to 12. As usual, we arrived during break time and were granted free access to any of the students. Being as these students were a little older, they were a little more cautious than the younger students.

I don't know that I'd get any studying done if this was the view out my classroom window.

Rugby is a HUGE sport in the Cook Islands so when a New Zealand rugby player made an appearance, it was a BIG deal.

One thing that fascinated us at all the schools was the camaraderie between the students. We watched this volleyball game in action and when a player would hit the ball wild, the students would laugh, chase the ball and start over. We couldn't help but think how, in the US, the competition is so fierce, that should a play go wild, players would be CRANKY. It was refreshing to see the "non-competition."

We saw one electronic device (aside from the stereo system brought out for entertainment).

After a short question and answer session with students and the principal, we left cards, exchanged facebook accounts, had our picture taken and bid au revoir.

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