Thursday, June 27, 2013

Highland Paradise Do-Over

It all stemmed from a complaint by the Germans. Where it went from there was totally unexpected.

To explain that a little more, we had been on the Highland Paradise Tour a couple night's previous. It was after Pa's hike so we were already a bit on the exhausted side ("a bit" was putting it mildly). We just went with the flow. There was some confusion on our tickets (which were comped by the Palm Grove) and then our tour was cut short to stand in line for a wedding party. Then there was a shortage of food and liquid refreshment (unless you wanted to stand in a really long line) and it was just run with a wee-bit of chaos.

In all honesty, we were too numb to care. It was a free dinner.

Until the next morning when we got a call from reception at the Palm Grove asking about our experience. Apparently another group had complained about the experience (hence, our German friends) and Betsy knew we would lay it out in all honesty. It was out of the blue and we're really not complainers so we just stated a couple of the fore-mentioned facts.

And got ourselves invited back that afternoon.

The owner/Managing Director, Teuira Pirangi, met us and asked us what they could have done to make the experience better. Being owners of small businesses and customer service reps ourselves, we gave her some feedback. The fact that she opened herself to criticism said something huge in the first place!
From there she offered a full fledged look around. We had free run of the place. With three Nikon D300 cameras with empty SD cards, we all took off in a different direction.

"Guilty Rocks"

View from the top

After wandering for two hours, we went back to the assembly hall expecting a bottle of water.  We not only got a pitcher of water (note: with limes), but all sorts of fruit.  Again, we thought this was it.  Until they brought out fresh salad and even fresher tuna.  The tuna was so good, it almost tasted like pork (even fooling my fish eating husband into thinking it was pork.).  Seriously, this was one of the best meals we ate on the island.

All in all, I'm glad the couple complained.  The previous experience hadn't left a bad taste in our mouth, but having Teuira care enough to ask detailed questions and work with us as to how to make the experience better, makes me want to tell everyone that they shouldn't miss the Highland Paradise Show.

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