Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back To School . . . Again

We were invited to visit Rutaki Primary School. It is one of the smallest schools on the island and one of only two Maori language immersion schools. The students (from preschool to Year 6) speak only Maori until Year 3. The principal, Nooroa Ingaua, was very warm in welcoming us and allowed us to take photos from the get-go (which is a far cry from our experiences in the US!).

The morning started with the children coming out of the classrooms to gather under the large tree.

The students read from the bible, first in English, then in Maori as they reinacted Christ's walk to the cross.

I think the little boy second from the left was getting into it a little too much :)

And He has Risen!

The students has a poster contest and awards were given out at the ceremony.

Star fruit form the "Star Fruit Monkey" picked straight out of the tree!

Kira and two students.

And then the first of two absolutely unexpected things that occurred. We were treated like royalty with flowers, hair clips and gifts!

The second thing that occurred - lunch was provided!

We had an AMAZING time visiting this wonderful school! Thank you so much for your warmth, hospitality and cherished memories!

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