Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roundabouts, Rental Cars and the Police Station

After a nap (or two) and a short excursion around the property, we started looking at our mostly-empty calendar. Because we had an appointment the next morning at an elementary school half-way across the island (which meant 25 minutes away), we knew we had to get a rental car. The Palm Grove made a phone call and we had a ride to the rental agency.

Now there’s not a lot of traffic in Rarotonga. It’s mostly scooters and a few teeny-tiny cars. The biggest vehicle I saw (besides the bus) was a short bed Ford 150. So when the agency showed us a Toyota Corolla, we seemed fine with that. It was the budget car so the day rate was as cheap as it was going to get.

The fact that didn’t have air conditioning would play an integral role later on in the week – like 24 hours later.

The fact that the shocks were shot, the tires were bald, the windshield wipers were concrete-hard and the steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car would lead into that integral role later on also.

We laughed at our adventure all the way to the police station.

Yup, the police station, where Jeff got his Cook Island drivers license. Twenty New Zealand dollars, proof of a license from your country of origin, a smile for the camera and you get yourself a year of legal driving on any of the 15 Cook Islands.

This rig didn't move the whole time we were on Rarotonga Island!

In a car that drives on the wrong side of the road. In a town with two one way roads. And a roundabout at one end of said road. With the inside lane taking you back down the other side of the road from where you just came from. Which would keep happening unless you got in the OTHER lane to take you out of town. Not that it happened to us five or six time – which it did; I was being sarcastic.

Rush Hour!

We had a few more errands to run so the adventure wasn't over yet.

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