Monday, May 6, 2013

Kayaking the Pacific Ocean

Most accommodations offer the free use of kayaks – or canoes – or vakas. Kira, being a master of these vessels with oars (I’m more of a motor girl) convinced me it was a good idea to go out after dinner at the Yellow Hibiscus (the chicken fettuccini was AWESOME!). We took (snuck-if you're taking them when no one is there to tell you it's okay to take them) the oars from the back of the lobby building and went to the beach where we’d seen the kayaks. We each drug a single out into the ocean.

To build a little background here, Rarotonga is an island (duhr) made from a volcano (double-duhr). The reef area goes out several hundred yards before the waves even start crashing. You can pretty much walk shoulder-deep out to the edge of the reef. In other words, the waves aren’t crashing at the beach shore, they are crashing way out yonder. Getting the kayaks into the water was relatively painless.

Getting in them was a little hairy and uncoordinated, but there’s no audience at the beach. Did I mention that? The most people we EVER saw on our beach (I’m already taking custody) was a family group of ten, a group of four women and another couple.

Oh, and five dogs – more on that later – I’m on a roll here with the kayaking.

Prior to our trip, I did make it to the YMCA a few times and worked some weight machines so I wasn’t completely out of shape. However I’m with a fourteen year old teenager who had just finished up a basketball season and was in a wee-bit better shape than I was.

Regardless, I found kayaking in the calm lagoon a piece of cake. I wasn’t so good at aiming the thing in the direction I thought it should go, but, really, I was on vacation and there was nowhere to “go”. I found Kira could go ahead of me fairly far, then she would come back, check on me and go off on her own. At one point it began to rain, but we were both laughing so hard that we were in a rain squall in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that we didn’t care. We watched the sun set, tried to get a decent picture (which ended up being a frightening flare in the screen that it wasn’t usable), and wandered absolutely aimlessly.

We were on vacation.

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